A Day in the life of a CPA

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Embarking on a journey to become a CPA while working full-time is an adventure that requires dedication, learning and adaptability. In this blog we’ll provide insight into the daily routine of a CPA student working with DMC.

Rise and Shine

The alarm rings early, signaling the start of another day in the life of a CPA student. Starting off the day with a hearty breakfast and a strong cup of coffee helps to kickstart the day while I go through assigned readings. While some students prefer a later schedule, I found focusing on studies before work to be more effective for me.

The Morning Dive

After arriving at the office, I would complete any assigned readings, weekly quizzes or write a case. These tasks would take anywhere from two to three hours. As DMC has flexible hours, I could prioritize my studies, and begin work focussed once my studies were complete.

Work Day Begins  

Shifting from my studies, I feel rejuvenated and can integrate the learning material into my work. The technical knowledge is applicable to my day-to-day duties. My work day is spent compiling financial statements and completing corporate tax returns for clients of various industries. Given DMC’s size, I have been exposed to a variety of engagements and projects that help broaden my skills.

Part of my daily duties would include completing a file that had been through the review process. This involves completing queries that are provided by a reviewer. By answering these queries, you are able to ensure that your work is accurate assists you to learn from past errors.  The firm creates a collaborative environment where colleagues can work together to solve problems or issues that arise.

End of the Day

I spend the time driving home to decompress from the day.  After work, I take the time to prioritize mental wellness, sleep, and physical health.

The life of a CPA student at DMC is a multifaceted journey filled with learning, challenges, and growth. As a CPA student you learn to master the technicalities of financial analysis, as well as build relationships with clients and colleagues. Each day presents an opportunity to develop your skills and expand knowledge.  The journey to becoming a CPA combines your studies with navigating the landscape of public accounting to prepare you for a rewarding career ahead.

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