Chartered Professional Accountant

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

Does the idea of not having to keep shoe boxes or grocery bags of dirty paper receipts sound appealing to you? Would you like to be able to access your financials or know how much your cash flow sucks at a moment’s notice? Just kidding, all businesses go through highs and lows when growing, and having the tools to manage your cash flow is important. Having accurate and current data is vital to your business success.

9 Things to Know When Making Investment Decisions

There are a variety of ways you can invest your money, but what’s the right move for you? People choose investments according to several factors, such as personal needs, goals, and interests. These are factors that need to be considered beforehand so your money is put to its best use and yields the best returns with minimal loss. So, what are the things you should think about before deciding to invest? Here are nine factors to consider.

1. Investment planning

Common tax credits and deductions to use to your advantage

Tax season can be overwhelming for some. But here are a few tax credits and tax deductions that might be able to help save you or make you a few dollars!

Key Terms:

Tax credit: reduce the taxes you pay on your taxable income.

Tax deduction: Reduce taxable income

Non-refundable tax credit: can only reduce taxable income down to zero and will not generate a tax refund.