Got a phone call or text message from CRA ?

Don't panic - these calls are not actually from the CRA. They're from scam artists attempting to steal your personal information.

The CRA will never

  • ask for information about your passport, health card, or driver's license
  • demand immediate payment by Interac e-transfer, bitcoin, prepaid credit cards or gift cards from retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, or others
  • use aggressive language or threaten you with arrest or sending the police
  • leave voicemails that are threatening or give personal or financial information

Slam the scam – Protect yourself against fraud - Message from Government of Canada

We’re all familiar with those unwanted calls and text messages as phone scams become increasingly more common. In fact, CRA phone scams are so common that actual CRA agents are saying they can’t get in touch with Canadians who mistakenly now hang up on them and don’t return their calls. Thankfully the CRA has detailed information on its website about how to recognize the difference between a scam and a real agent as well as what to do if you’ve been scammed.

Here’s how to slam the scam and protect yourself against fraud:

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