Small Business

Cloud Based Bookkeeping

Does the idea of not having to keep shoe boxes or grocery bags of dirty paper receipts sound appealing to you? Would you like to be able to access your financials or know how much your cash flow sucks at a moment’s notice? Just kidding, all businesses go through highs and lows when growing, and having the tools to manage your cash flow is important. Having accurate and current data is vital to your business success.

Freelancers and Small Business Owners: 5 Ways to Ensure You Get Paid

Nobody wants to work for free but unfortunately, some small-business owners and freelancers are doing just that. In fact, over 70% of freelancers have trouble getting paid at some point in their careers according to research by the Freelancers Union. Not only is this frustrating but it directly affects your cash flow. Resorting to tapping into your personal funds or accessing a line of credit to keep afloat can be stressful and not a situation anyone wants to be in. 


Business Vehicle Expenses

As a business owner there are multiple costs you may claim on your personal income taxes - vehicle expenses being one of the classifications of these costs. Not only does accurate expense documentation contribute to the total amount claimed, but the type of vehicle you own will have an affect as well.