Measures to Protect Yourself and Your Business From Fraud

With the rates of financial fraud increasing year over year it has become important to protect yourself and your business from financial fraud. Below you will find common forms of fraud followed by some steps to reduce your exposure to fraudsters.

Is Your Business a Personal Services Business?

CRA is looking closer at personal services businesses and reaching out to Canadian businesses to voluntarily take part in an education program. 

Personal Services Business (PSB), also known as an incorporated employee, provide services where:

The business owner would be considered an employee of the business that services are provided to.


How do you determine whether your business is a PSB?

There are four tests in determining PSB:

6 New Year Resolutions For Your Business

The new year is here! As an entrepreneur this is a great time to step back, set new goals and plan for the year ahead.  Just as one might set personal health or wellness resolutions, thinking about the resolutions that benefit the health and wellness of your business is equally important. Setting resolutions may be a dauting task to some but fear not, these resolutions can be big or small and can be done at any time of the year.

1. Clean up your place of business