Northern BC Tourism Summit

Excited to be attending the Northern BC Tourism Summit today. It’s wonderful to be in a room full of people celebrating and sharing about what makes Northern BC so amazing.


On October 16th and 17th we are hosting a two-day event full of expert speakers, networking opportunities and professional development sessions in Prince George.

6 Tips to Help You Save Up for a Vacation

Summer is finally here! You’re probably daydreaming about road trips, cruises and sandy beaches. If you haven’t already started saving up for your next vacation, now is the time to start! With a little imagination, you can beef up your bank account and be ready to hit the road or beach in no time, without your bank account going into the negatives.

Here are 6 of our top tips to help you save up for your next vacation:
1. Open Up a Dedicated Vacation Bank Account

The Basics of Meals and Entertainment Deductibility

Generally, expenses incurred in order to earn business or property income are 100% deductible when calculating your taxable income.  There are special rules that limit the deductibility of meal and entertainment expenses to the lower of 50% of the actual cost or 50% of the amount that would be considered reasonable.

When can I claim 100% of the cost of meals and entertainment?