Family Trusts

Family Trusts  - What are they and how do they work?
A lot of individuals question the use and benefit of Family Trusts, but what are they? And how can they benefit you?

A Family Trust is generally an inter - vivos discretionary family trust and has the following attributes:

Stay Safe Online

Train your employees:

Protecting your company online begins with ensuring your employees are prepared to assist in keeping your computers and networks safe.

The best security technology in the world can't help you unless employees understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources. This will involve putting practices and policies in place that promote security and training employees to be able to identify and avoid risks.

Tips to Save Money on Family Vacations

With the country mired in a recession, many Canadian families are looking for ways to cut back on expenditures and trim their budgets. At the same time, parents recognize the benefits of taking time off to relax with their kids—and to escape the economic malaise.

Here are some tips to save money on much-needed getaways.