Budgeting for Summer Vacation

With summer now in full swing, vacations and road trips are on the horizon for many. Summer vacations, although exciting, can be very costly. From rising gas prices, airfare costs, accommodation rates, and other various increased costs associated with travel many of us have begun to feel the pain in our wallets.  This increased spending may impact our hard-earned savings and have caused some to forgo vacation plans altogether.  We all deserve (and need) to enjoy a vacation to unwind and reset sometime. We have complied 6 easy ways to save and make that summer vacation a reality without breaking the bank!

1. Be flexible – Avoid travelling near peak travel times such as long weekends or holidays. Picking dates that beat the rush of the peak tourist season often result in significant savings on travel costs. 

2. Avoid trendy destinations – Trendy or popular destinations such as New York, Greece, or Fiji are often very expensive, and your dollar doesn’t go as far. Instead, consider destinations that are more affordable that allow you to stretch that dollar a little more, getting the most out of your vacation.

3. Take a staycation – Consider keeping your vacation local and explore all that your community and surrounding area has to offer. Save on accommodation, gas, and so much more, while keeping your hard-earned money local.

4. Consider alternative accommodations – Vacation rentals are a great way to cut accommodation fees and save on meals, parking, and laundry.

5. Do your research! –  Keep an open mind when booking travel, often hotels and airfare may be cheaper on certain days. Sign up for notifications for deals to your desired travel destination. 

6. Make a vacation budget– Consider creating a vacation budget for your travels to help cut unnecessary spending and help you stay on track with saving plans.

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