Business Coaching

Business ownership is rewarding and sometimes lonely. Therefore, the opportunity to consult with external trusted advisors is much appreciated and provides clarity and confidence when making difficult business decisions.

DMC’s Business Coaching and Consulting Services offer clients a variety of opportunities when exploring change, growth strategies, restructuring, merger-acquisition, succession and business reorganization.

The DMC team can be helpful to clients in the following consulting areas:

Valuation/Indication of Values:

  • Valuation services provided may include an “Indication of Value Report.”

Risk Management:

Risk management essentially identifies and mitigates factors that could impact business sustainability and performance. DMC risk management services include:

  • Business process re-engineering
  • CEO/CFO competencies and certifications
  • Compliance audits, program audits and value for money audits
  • Corporate governance consulting
  • SME risk management assessment
  • Design and development of client self-monitoring key performance and control indicators
  • Design and development of standard operating procedures
  • Internal Control assessments

Financial Advisory Services

Business owners often find themselves in need of advisory services when purchasing or selling businesses or when financing new projects. Business owners also need assistance understanding the financial information that drives business growth. Our DMC management team is skilled in helping clients with a variety of financial advisory service needs:

  • Financial analysis
  • Financial forecasts and projects
  • Financing packages
  • Quantitative risk assessments
  • Investigative due diligence

Business Value Consulting Services

Planning for the future or for business growth is often the last area that a business owner focuses on. Strategic planning, project management, succession and accessing financial resources for scientific and technological change are areas our DMC management team would be delighted to help you with:

  • Transition and succession planning including tax planning, buy-sell structures and transaction or financing packages
  • Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SHRED)
  • Cash Flow (Business Acceleration services)

Bio-Energy / Carbon Offsets