Canadian tax news and COVID-19 updates

CRA announces they will accept certain late-filed CEWS and CERS applications

On April 21, 2022, the CRA added questions 26-01 and 26-02 on their CEWS FAQ page. The CRA has guided on the circumstances where it will accept late-filed amended or original CEWS applications.

In addition, the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) webpage has been updated to reflect that the CRA will also accept late-filed CERS claims under the same circumstances as provided for late-filed CEWS applications. Please review the CRA’s CEWS FAQs and CERS webpage for further details.

CRA provides additional guidance on cross border tax issues

CPA Canada submitted a list of questions to the CRA which were gathered from members relating to our April 1 update of the CRA’s Guidance on International Income Tax Issues Raised by the COVID-19 Crisis. The questions have been reviewed and the CRA has provided responses to us which we are able to share. It is unclear at this time whether these questions and answers will be posted on the CRA website.


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