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A student internship at DMC offers opportunities for rapid advancement within a supportive environment. We wholeheartedly embrace and celebrate your achievements by acknowledging exceptional performance.

We hold a deep commitment to nurturing top-tier prospects for both personal and professional development among our students. Join our growing team of Chartered Professional Accountants today and experience the DMC difference!

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The DMC Difference

The Work

Right from the outset, we treat our students with the same level of respect and responsibility as Chartered Professional Accountants. We firmly believe that engaging in meaningful work, shouldering significant responsibilities, and embracing challenging experiences are pivotal in fostering their development.

At DMC, our students regularly have the opportunity to handle entire files, including financial statements and related tax returns, under the supervision of a manager. This approach not only adds interest to their work but also enhances the relevance of their technical knowledge and skills.

Recognizing that exploration is an integral part of the learning journey, we provide a self-directed approach to our students, allowing them the freedom to pursue their interests and shape their own path in the field of accounting. This empowerment enables them to discover their true passions and unlock their full potential.

Mentorship & Training

We actively encourage students to step beyond their comfort zones and tackle intricate tasks, while ensuring they receive the necessary support and guidance.

With the direction of a Manager or Partner, students will receive the support they need to gain experience and grow within their chosen industry.

Benefits & Perks for Students


Applicable to students in their third or fourth year of an Accounting Program who aspire to attain a professional designation:

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