Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services

The tax advisors at DMC focus on providing you with comprehensive tax services that are customized for your specific needs. Our tax team aims to ensure that you are able to plan your business objectives effectively and minimize your taxation liabilities. Our team provides timely advice and includes you in the planning. Our team also keeps you informed of changing tax laws that may impact your business or business decisions. Our services include:

  • * Corporate returns
  • * Identify and implement tax strategies and planning
  • * Minimize tax liabilities through consistent, ongoing planning
  • * Business tax structure
  • * Explore and complete restructuring plans for sales, succession or growth, reducing your tax burden
  • * Owner-manager remuneration
  • * Multi-provincial planning for income and sales tax
  • * Family trusts
  • * Business acquisitions, mergers and divestitures
  • * Commodity tax services, including GST, PST, and HST
  • * Agricultural tax planning
  • * Tax audit representation

Corporate Financial Statements

Accurate and timely financial information is pivotal to any successful business. In today’s business environment, small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) compete globally and require sound financial information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure competitive advantage. Our accounting team works with you and your stakeholders to maximize the value of your business, as reflected in your financial statements.

At DMC, we provide several options for clients, from the least assurance based Notice-To-Reader statement to our Annual Report™. Should external stakeholders require audited financial statements, our team is ready to work with you to ensure professional statements reflect the position of your company fairly.

Notice To Reader Financial Statements

A notice to reader financial statement is the most simplistic of the financial statements. Our team takes your bookkeeping and monthly accounting records and prepares a year-end financial statement and corporate tax return.

Review Engagement Financial Statements

A year-end financial statement requires more due diligence and testing of the financial information received from the client. Our team will conduct analytical assessments and do long-term planning for your business operation along with corporate tax planning.

DMC Annual Report ™

The DMC Annual Report provides a roadmap for clients to monitor future performance and evaluate past performance. Clients receive graphical presentations of Key Performance Indicators, graphical representation and ranking of key ratios that are essential to your business and industry. It also benchmarks your business against others of the same size, five years of historical information, an indication of the value and finally, an action plan to help you establish objectives for the coming year. Your Review Engagement Financial Statement is only a small component of your Annual Report. The greatest value is your advisory meeting with one of our professionals as they review the package with you.