Our Company

Chartered Professional Accountants located in Prince George, B.C

DMC Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. (CPA) is the largest mid-sized firm in Prince George and Northern BC. Our highly experienced professional team can assist you:

  • Identify opportunities for your business growth and improvement;
  • Identify a vision for your business;
  • Provide ideas on how to implement opportunities;
  • Create an up-to-date action plan to achieve your goals;
  • Build an effective and efficient team;
  • Address management and personnel issues;
  • Created key performance indicators to monitor critical success factors;
  • Establish more effective systems to control your activities;
  • Provide effective tax planning;
  • Strategies to provide cash flexibility;
  • Implement systems to reduce costly mistakes;
  • Train, assist or host client meetings through the use of a variety of programs.

We understand that choosing your accounting advisor is a challenging decision. Our team will help you explore growth options and interpret financial information. The DMC team is here to help.