Spring-Clean Your Finances

It’s that time of year again, and a new season means a new start. As you begin decluttering your home, it’s also time to consider decluttering your finances. It can be a challenge to keep on top of everything, including your receipts, keeping your books up to date and not to mention all those papers that have been stacking up on your desk. It’s time to organize so you can start a new quarter refreshed and ready for business!

The idea of cleaning up your finances might seem daunting but think of it as a small-scale clean up. Simple steps to help you stay organized year-round, so you’re not waiting until year-end to sift through the chaos.

Here are a few tips for spring-clean your finances.

Do an overview of your accounts

Double-check your statements and accounts to ensure everything is in order. If you find any issues or odd transactions, notify your DMC Accountant or Bookkeeper to assist you. This should be done on a regular basis so you can detect any issues right away.

Digitize your paperwork

If you’re not already digitizing your paperwork, we recommend starting now. Backing up your files on a cloud service protects your files in case of a computer crash and allows you to access your files from around the world. Once you’ve moved everything over to your cloud service of choice, begin purging your paperwork.

Clean up your subscriptions

Do you know how many apps, programs, software services, etc., you’re subscribed to? Make a list of every single subscription you pay for and determine whether it’s of value to your business. Then, only keep the ones you need that make your life and business operations more efficient.

Get organized!

Review third-party apps that will help keep your finances in order. A few software companies (i.e. Quickbooks, Freshbooks) can help you stay organized, track your expenses, and manage your accounts receivables and payables, so you don’t have to.

Re-evaluate your financial goals

This is also a great time to re-evaluate your progress on the financial goals you set from the previous year. Are you on the right track, or is there room for improvement? This is where the DMC team can help. We can assist in establishing a plan to help you reach your financial goals so your business can continue to grow. 

This spring clean-up not only will improve your day-to-day tasks but also helps you to continue working towards the goals you’ve set out for yourself and your business.

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